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So the targeted-ads-industry is expected to lose 60% of revenue due to . Of course this means massive loss of jobs. And people seem to be genuinely sad about this, even privacy minded people, even lots of people on mastodon. And I just don't get it. If you are working for the targeted ads industry, you're working for the wrong side. I'm not going to be sad for you. Especially in tech, where it's comparatively easy to find work, there's no excuse for going there.

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@Maltimore (I don't doubt it, I just want a source.)

@emsenn some other answers in this thread are indicative of that :)

@Maltimore I'm sorry, but when I click this toot, I only see responses sharing opinions, not a source. Could you please share it with me?

@emsenn ah sorry, you meant a source on that the targeted ads industry is supposed to lose 60% in revenue?
I got that from a German podcast (2nd last episode of "Lage der Nation"), and they in turn were quoting some study that I can't remember unfortunately :(

@Maltimore it depends, or have you heard that some people don't get to choose their jobs but have to do anything they are offered because they have children to feed and bills to pay? the system that facilitates all of this is to blame and not the people in the first place. /cc @kensanata